Roadhouse Pickups was born out of a need. I wanted a pickup that would perform the way I expected it to. Being a person who like to "do it myself",  and of having a background in the electrical field I thought I would build a few pickups. I found the process extremely fascinating and satisfying. I then started making them for friends and a few of those friends were building guitars for others.

The pickup making journey has been extremely interesting. For such a simple device there are many nuances to explore. I have applied electrical theory directly to the building of pickups with some terrific results. I believe that while the technical details are important what matters at the end of the day, is that it sounds good.

I don't care for companies that try to surround their product with a lot of hype or "snake oil" explanations of how their product is better, so you will not find any of that here.

My goal is to provide musicians with good tools that inspire and help get your ideas and emotions out. Hopefully you will share your ideas, thoughts and talents with others.

Whether you are a professional musician on stage in front of thousands or a beginner sitting on the end of the bed exploring your musical self, you are all very important to me. I hope to be part of those processes and help you find the tools you need.

-Ken Calvet