Vista Tone


Welcome to Roadhouse Pickups.

We are not out to make pickups like everyone else. instead we think there are musicians that are reaching and striving to make something new, something personal and not just follow the crowd. 

the pickups above and in the pages behind represent this mindset. Some of these pickups were great in their time but due to the quality of the instruments they were in, never got their due. These pickups represent a tone that you have heard, you know and love but didn't know where it came from. 

Now you can enjoy that tone in your own guitar and make music that defIEs the mainstream. 

Find your own voice in the high quality pickups that we offer. it is our goal to give you the best tools to bring to life the sounds you hear in your head.

If you have visited before you will now notice that there are some pickups that we don't offer any longer. this is to make way for new products that follow the spirit of leading the way instead of following the crowd. Today and in the near future you will find pickups that either needed to be added back to the tonal palate of the sonic soundscape or pickups that offer tones that have never been obtained before.

I hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them.